How to choose Hong Kong server
January 08,2020
The Hong Kong server is the first choice for companies in the foreign trade industry, financial industry and e-commerce industry, because not only covers the Asia-Pacific region, but also because Hong Kong has access to multiple international submarine cables, which can be used as a transit point fo...
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How to choose bandwidth?
January 03,2020
Megalayer's HK & US IDC are all connected to high-quality operator bandwidth, to make sure users have the highest quality network services. We provide 3 different bandwidths option for users, which are Premium Network, Standard Network, and International Network: HK ME-IDC: Premium N...
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Why Hong Kong Multi IPs Servers Are Popular
December 25,2019
Configuring a separate IP for the website can increase the weight of the website and improve the ranking of search engines. The Multi-IPs server is characterized by multiple IPs. Enterprises can set up multiple websites under different IPs. Each website is independent, which is more conducive to sea...
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Advantages of Hong Kong dedicated servers
December 18,2019
Megalayer's self-operated Data Center is Hong Kong ME IDC, located in Sha Tin, Hong Kong. It provides IDC value-added services such as Hong Kong server rental, Hong Kong multi IPs server rental, and Hong Kong bandwidth. Hong Kong servers have many advantages: 1. Easy to use, no filing requir...
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Server SSH security settings
August 31,2019
SSH is the most common attacker in cyber attacks. Therefore, users who set up SSH in the server must ensure the security mechanism of the server. Usually, the default listening port of SSH is 22, so we can scan through 22 ports or use ip shielding. The way to protect the server, the following is ...
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