How to choose Hong Kong server
January 08,2020
The Hong Kong server is the first choice for companies in the foreign trade industry, financial industry and e-commerce industry, because not only covers the Asia-Pacific region, but also because Hong Kong has access to multiple international submarine cables, which can be used as a transit point for business in Europe and the United States. The popularity of Hong Kong servers has led to a large number of Hong Kong server agents in the market. So, how to choose a Hong Kong server that is suitable for enterprises or individuals? Based on our own needs and budget, we can consider the selection of Hong Kong servers from several aspects:

Line selection
If the users are overseas, there will be more line choices, because Hong Kong servers generally use international bandwidth, which can basically cover these users; if the users are from the mainland, it is recommended to use Hong Kong server products with optimized return circuits, such as CN2 line, so the delay in accessing the mainland is low, and the user experience is good. Megalayer ME IDC has access to the bandwidth of major operators, covering Hong Kong, overseas and mainland areas. There is no cross-network disconnection problem in China.

Computer room quality
Hong Kong is one of the most important Internet data exchange hubs in Asia, and the basic equipment room facilities are relatively complete. But because of the booming market, there are many computer room constructions in Hong Kong, but the quality is uneven. Before selecting a business, enterprise users should pay attention to the basic information of the computer room, the bandwidth exit volume of the computer room, and the service carrying capacity, so as to choose a stable quality Hong Kong server product. The Hong Kong ME IDC is located in Sha Tin, Hong Kong. It is a T3 level IDC with stable power and guaranteed server stability.

Service providers
A regular Hong Kong server should provide enterprise customers with server products and exclusive bandwidth resources according to the real server configuration, so as to ensure the stable operation of enterprise customers' business. In addition, the server will inevitably have faults and unstable circuits during use. At this time, the professionalism of the after-sales operation and maintenance team can be reflected. An excellent after-sales team should be able to solve problems and troubleshoot problems for enterprise customers in a timely manner, so that enterprise customers have no worries when using them.

The actual usage of enterprise users may be more complicated, but the pursuit of server product quality is basic. Only by choosing the right Hong Kong server products can enterprise customers focus on their own business development. Megalayer's Hong Kong ME IDC provides a variety of server products to meet the needs of corporate customers in different industries.