Megalayer Server Terms of Service
August 30,2019

Megalayer is an Internet service provider registered in Hong Kong. Megalayer provides users with services such as server rental, cabinet hosting, Internet bandwidth, and dedicated line connection based on data center infrastructure and Internet infrastructure.

Megalayer promises to provide users with 7 * 24 hours data service and user response, and to provide users with high-quality Internet bandwidth and stable data center services. This term takes effect from the date of purchase, which means your approval of this terms, which means that you are willing to accept the clear provision in the "Megalayer Server Terms of Service". If you cannot agree to the following " Megalayer Server Terms of Service ", please do not purchase directly. If there is any dispute or conflict, Megalayer will not assume the responsibility beyond the terms, all users will assume their own responsibilities. Or if the service terms of Megalayer server are not clear, you can consult Megalayer online user service for details, which will help you to protect your consumption rights and interests in the Megalayer service system.

The User right

1. After completing the payment, the user is allowed to use the related products normally, continuously and steadily.

2. After completing the payment, the user enjoys the right to freely control the related products.

3. The product pages details are consistent with the product.

User obligations

1. Users need to improve their contact information in the Megalayer user management system profile to avoid failure to receive system notifications when the service product expires or other emergency issues to obtain the latest news of Megalayer.

2. As Megalayer is a Hong Kong company, users must comply with Hong Kong laws and regulations when using Megalayer products. At the same time, laws in Hong Kong do not give service providers the right and obligation to review users' content. Therefore, users are required to review and comply with relevant regulations. Regulations. The regulations to be observed include but are not restricted to the following:

a. Computer Crimes Ordinance

b. Electronic Transaction Regulations

c. Unsolicited Electronic Information Regulations

d. Personal Data / Privacy Regulations

e. Copyright Ordinance

3. At the same time, Megalayer prohibits users from using our resources for the following purposes:

a. Sensitive political use

b. Any hacking or attack

c. Send spam

d. Acts involving any criminal offense

4. Megalayer reserves the right to do the following actions when receiving complaints or government and court orders:

a. Shut down the server or IP address used by the user upon receipt of a government order

b. Receive relevant documents from the court or the reconnaissance agency, and need to follow the instructions to provide corresponding data, evidence or even shut down the user server

c. After receiving the complaint from the third party or the lawyer's letter and evidence entrusted by the lawyer, the server of the user shall be shut down and the evidence shall be preserved

d. When Megalayer's network security department receives a complaint from a third party or IP management department, it stops the abuse of IP addresses

e. Terminate the server or network connection of the user when the network security department of Megalayer detects the illegal attack of the user

f. When the upstream supplier of Megalayer is complained or investigation due to the user's information content or behavior, Megalayer shall cooperate as necessary, including but not limited to submitting evidence or disconnecting the user

5. Important: If the user violates the above relevant terms and conditions, Megalayer will stop the operation of its host service, and all payments will not be refunded. Megalayer reserves the right to delete the host and suspend the host until the member account is deleted.

Service Term

Megalayer will provide server services for users from the date the user completes the payment until the user applies for a refund, arrears, non-renewal, and forgets to renew the fee.

Technical Services

1. Megalayer provides free reinstallation of the system once a month for each host. If the limit is exceeded, Megalayer will charge a reinstallation fee of $5 each time.

2. Users can freely choose Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, 32bit or 64bit and other linux systems, Windows series can choose Windows 2003, Windows2008 (requires self-activation)


Megalayer is not responsible for any of the following situations:

1. The server cannot be accessed (used) or data is lost due to user arrears, non-renewal or forgotten renewal.

2. The server cannot be accessed (used) or data is lost due to improper user operations or other related behaviors.

3. Inaccessible or data loss due to user's website content or use behavior in violation of the user obligations of this article

4. Inaccessibility or data loss due to major social abnormal events such as wars, armed conflicts, strikes, riots, riots, etc.

5. Inaccessibility or data loss due to severe disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, sea waves, floods, locust disasters, storms, hail, sandstorms, volcanic eruptions, landslides, avalanches, mudslides, etc.

6. Due to factors beyond our control and causing widespread Internet transmission failure, such as disasters, man-made destruction, and telecommunications infrastructure failure caused by wars; the impact of large-scale network failure caused by hacker attacks.

7. Megalayer advises users to regularly backup data for the sake of data security and stable operation of the business. Megalayer is not obliged to provide any backup data to users.

Refund policy

1. Server products from the date of completion of payment, unconditional refund within 24 hours, after such as refund by the day.

2. There is no refund in one of the following situations:

a. Malicious trial of Megalayer server products, malicious purchase of server for illegal purposes (traffic attack, Trojan horse propagation, etc.)

b. Violation of the terms of user's obligations in this article.

Liability for breach of contract

1. Megalayer guarantees that the server will reach the standard of 99.99% online under normal circumstances. If the user proves that Megalayer does not have the capacity to achieve this target, we will extend the service period as compensation. Except for the contents stipulated in this clause and other errors or force majeure.

2. If the user violates the provision of the user obligations of this Terms of Service, Megalayer will directly delete all the user's data without providing for backup and compensation.

3. If the user violates the terms of service and there are serious consequences or adverse effects, Megalayer will not only delete the user's data, and will not provide backup and compensation, but will also actively cooperate with the work of the relevant departments and provide the relevant materials as evidence.

Change of terms of service

Megalayer reserves the right to change the terms of service at any time. When we change, we change the last update date at the end. We encourage users to check this page frequently to keep abreast of the latest regulations. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to regularly review the latest terms of service.