Advantages of Hong Kong dedicated servers
December 18,2019
Megalayer's self-operated Data Center is Hong Kong ME IDC, located in Sha Tin, Hong Kong. It provides IDC value-added services such as Hong Kong server rental, Hong Kong multi IPs server rental, and Hong Kong bandwidth. Hong Kong servers have many advantages:

1. Easy to use, no filing requirements
Enterprises can put it into use immediately after purchasing a Hong Kong server, without affecting their plans to go online. And most importantly, the Hong Kong server does not have a filing requirement for the website, so that enterprises can not only save the review time required for filing, but also save the documents and procedures required for filing.

2. Geographical advantage
Hong Kong is the mainland's gateway to the global, and it is very near to the mainland. The network latency is very low. Megalayer's Hong Kong server is connected to China Telecom's CN2 direct connection dedicated line, which is optimized for return visits. At the same time, due to its geographical advantage, Hong Kong has multiple submarine cable access, so it can connect to all parts of the world at high speed. Using the Hong Kong server can easily cover the Asia-Pacific region.

3. Bandwidth advantage
Megalayer's Hong Kong ME IDC uses international bandwidth. There is no obstacle for users in mainland China to access telecommunications or China Unicom. Compared with servers in other overseas regions, users in mainland China have faster and more stable access to Hong Kong servers. At the same time, Hong Kong's international bandwidth resources are sufficient, and the speed of Hong Kong's server access abroad is relatively fast, which is suitable as a transit server abroad. Hong Kong has sufficient bandwidth resources and is also the best choice for network basic services for enterprises to expand their global business.

Megalayer Hong Kong server has many advantages, which is very suitable for companies with foreign trade industry and user groups overseas. Megalayer provides multiple configurations of Hong Kong servers and Hong Kong station group servers to meet the needs of users in different industries.