San Jose Data Center Coming Soon
May 19,2020

Megalayer US ME IDC is located in San Jose, providing server rental, cabinet hosting, and IEPL products. Megalayer provides dedicated server, multi IPs Server, large bandwidth server, high-defense server. Megalayer San Jose ME IDC uses branded servers and accessories to ensure server stability. ME IDC using China Telecom's CN2-gia line to provide customers a high-quality and stable network envelopment. ME IDC network adopts BGP intelligent multi-line, besides China Telecom (CN2) / China Unicom / China Mobile line access, ME IDC also connects to many internationally renowned telecom operators such as Cogent and PCCW to provides high-speed and stable communication between China and the United States.


Megalayer ME IDC is an international Tier III standard, which adopts dual-way mains + dual UPS + back-up oil machine methods in power facilities to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the server. At the same time, we provide a high-speed fully redundant network on the network construction. Avoid single point of failure, 99% uptime guarantee.


San Jose is known as the "heart of Silicon Valley", and world-renowned high-tech companies are gathered here. San Jose is located in California on the west coast of the United States. It is one of the main landing stations of the China-US submarine fiber optic cable, with the lowest network delay to China. The world's top telecom operators access into the data center, the network covers the entire North America, parts of Europe, Asia. US IDC market is mature, it is the most popular choice for overseas servers.


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