Megalayer's US data center is located in San Jose. San Jose is known as the "heart of Silicon Valley", and world-renowned high-tech companies are gathered here. San Jose is located in California on the west coast of the United States. It is one of the main landing stations of the China-US submarine fiber optic cable, with the lowest network delay to China. The world's top telecom operators access into the data center, the network covers the entire North America, parts of Europe, Asia. US IDC market is mature, it is the most popular choice for overseas servers.

Building Information 96,100 SQ FT

DC Description

Tier III


24x7x365 On-Site Staff

90-Day Video Archiving

Biometric Card Access

Backup Power

 (7) 2000 kW Diesel Generators

Diesel On-Site: 15,500 Gallons

UPS Redundancy: N, N+1, 2N


Total Capacity: 3200 Tons

 (8) 400-Ton Air Cooled Chillers

Unity Redundancy: N+1

CRAH Confi guration: N+20%

Emergency Protection 

VESDA Smoke Detection

Double-Interlock, Pre-Action, Dry-Pipe Fire Suppression