Megalayer Hong Kong data center adds standard bandwidth option
July 06,2021
Megalayer's Hong Kong data center has officially connected to China Telecom’s 163 lines, adding standard bandwidth options, including 163, China Mobile, China Unicom, Zenlayer, and HGC.

China Telecom Line 163 (AS4134), also known as the 163 backbone network, is China Telecom's backbone network and the earliest generation of export broadband in China. The 163 backbone network has 90% of the bandwidth capacity of Telecom's entire overseas exports. It is characterized by a large bandwidth capacity and a solid user base. Megalayer is connected to China Telecom's 163 lines, which can meet the needs of more users using large bandwidth scenarios and expand business development.

Megalayer Hong Kong computer room server products have the following adjustments:

a. Hong Kong Dedicated Server Add 15M standard bandwidth

b. The originally premium bandwidth of the Hong Kong station group server has been changed to 15M standard bandwidth.

c. Hong Kong Large Bandwidth Server Added standard bandwidth 50M/International bandwidth adjusted to 100M

d. Hong Kong host server adds 30M standard bandwidth to purchase

e. Hong Kong bandwidth upgrade option added standard bandwidth

If you have others requirements, please contact our service team by sending a ticket.