US I3 Server Special Offer $42.71 Only
April 21,2021
US lowest price dedicated server I3-4130/4G/1T/3 IP with 100M Standard Network or 200M International Network. Now special price $42.71 Only.

Limited-time promotion until 31th May, you can place an order from HERE.

1. Each user only can enjoy it once for a special price I3-4130.
2. The special price offer until May 31.
3. I3 server semi-annually fee only need to pay a five-month fee, annual fee only need to pay a ten-month fee.
4. The price of this activity is not shared with other preferential activities;
5. This special offer does not include upgrade configuration services, renewal of upgrade hardware or bandwidth, all upgrades handled at normal sales prices.
6. Final interpretation is owned by Megalayer.