Megalayer backup server launching
January 14,2021

More and more customers put emphasis on their own data security. How to maintain data integrity and security has become an important consideration for many customers when choosing a server. Megalayer recommends that customers choose IDC server providers with stable power supply, professional operation and maintenance teams, and high-quality hardware, so as to avoid problems such as data loss and business interruption, and customers should also do data backup work daily.


From the perspective of information security, there are potential threats in daily use. Network attacks are also one of the aspects. Once attacked, it will cause varying degrees of damage. In daily work, the safety of operation and maintenance personnel has played a significant role, but backup is still indispensable.


In order to solve the above-mentioned problems, Megalayer will launch its backup server from now on to meet customers' problems of maintaining server data security and insufficient space. Megalayer Hong Kong backup server provides enterprise-level hard disks with safe and reliable performance, convenient use by customers, flexible expansion, and no need to purchase additional servers or build an intranet for transmission. Customers only need to specify the size of the space, and Megalayer will mount the space on the server as an additional hard disk. Customers can back up important data to the new space at any time and upgrade the hard disk size at any time.


If you need to know more about the performance of the backup server, please open ticket.