IP Abuse Policy
March 23,2022

Dear Customer,


Recently, we have found that a lot of IP addresses are used in spam, attacks, or involved infringements. These actions have seriously affected the other users. When utilizing the service provided by Megalayer Communications, you are required to comply with our Acceptable Use Policy, and a violation of that policy may be considered a violation of the terms of service with us.


In order to protect the security, integrity, reliability, and privacy of both the Megalayer network and the products and services Megalayer offers to its customers, the Megalayer Abuse Team manages, notifies, and tracks violations of Megalayer's Abuse Policy through the use of Abuse Infraction Levels. Due to the serious nature of certain policy violations, a timed-based response for mitigating the violations has been implemented. The violations requiring a timed response are listed below along with the time required to mitigate the issues.


Network Attack / DDoS Attack / C & C Botnet controllers / Port Scanning

1st time: Host suspended unless you can provide evidence of self-issued behavior, you should immediately follow the requirements of complainant's instruction, such as reinstalling the system or cleaning up, etc., and a fine of $20/time/IP.


2nd time: Host suspended and not refunded, fine of $20/time/IP.



1st time: You should immediately follow the requirements of the complainant's instructions, take down or delete the infringing content, etc., and a fine of $20/time/IP.


Unsolicited commercial email / SPAM

Host and IP suspended and, you should immediately follow the requirements of the complainant's instruction, and a fine of $20/time/IP. The IP will not be unblocked.


The host that applies to open the mail port (port 25 etc.) will be fined 50 USD/time/IP if it receives a spam complaint.


Phishing / Fraud

Host suspended and not refunded, fine of $20/time/IP. Megalayer is also obliged to further cooperate with the judicial investigation.


If the user's IP is blocked by telecom operators or listed in blacklist organization due to own using problem, Megalayer will not provide IP replacement services.


Megalayer will send abuse notifications through tickets. Users are requested to complete the processing and reply to the ticket. Users should be following the instruction in the ticket to process the complaint issue. If the ticket is not processed after three times notification within 24 hours, Megalayer has the right to directly suspend the server without refund. At the same time, if the fine bill is not paid within 24 hours, Megalayer will suspend the host.


Megalayer has the right to suspend the host directly without refund if the host has 3 times abuse record.


All resellers and users should be understanding our policy, and inform the end-users of our policy.


Megalayer reserves the right to change the ABUSE POLICY at any time. When Megalayer changes, it will also update the date of signing. Megalayer recommends that users check this page frequently to keep up to date with the latest regulations, and you understand and agree that it is your responsibility to regularly check for the latest penalty notices.


Megalayer Abuse Team

11th March, 2022