Megalayer’s Hong Kong server on sale
August 31,2019

The Megalayer Hong Kong data center is ME IDC , which was online and officially on sale. The Megalayer Hong Kong data center is located in Sha Tin, Hong Kong and offers server leasing, cabinet hosting, dedicated lines and bare metal cloud services. Megalayer Hong Kong ME IDC uses branded servers and accessories to access China Telecom CN2 to provide customers with differentiated and scalable bandwidth. ME IDC access double 10G outlet directly connects to the multi-line BGP operator bandwidth, and enjoys extremely fast and indiscriminate access to domestic telecommunications, China Unicom and mobile.

Hong Kong is the closest gateway to the mainland and one of the financial centers in the Asia Pacific region. Compared with servers in other parts of the world, mainland users access Hong Kong servers faster and more stable. At the same time, foreign access to Hong Kong server access is also relatively fast, suitable for foreign transit servers. Due to its special geographical location, open economy and trade environment, Hong Kong has become the first stop for many mainland companies to develop into the sea. Hong Kong's bandwidth resources are sufficient, and it is also the best choice for enterprises to expand their global business network infrastructure services.

From Megalayer Hong Kong ME IDC to Shenzhen delay times only 10ms, and the delay of Beijing is 40ms. At the same time, Megalayer and the Hong Kong Internet Exchange (HKIX) are interconnected, greatly optimizing the network conditions. Megalayer Hong Kong data center will enable users to conduct business more conveniently, more stably and more efficiently.

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